She's so young. What are her qualifications? How is this reading exactly going to go? Is it going to be worth it? Some thoughts that were definitely going thru me before i sat down for a reading with Aditi. To answer all of the above, the reading was precise, easy to understand (thanks to the diagram of the chart being referred to). She is methodical, almost analytical abt the whole process. Her non judgemental choice of tone is a refreshing change from the classic style we are all used to. Her explanations are very factual, nothing about what she's saying is her "understanding/intuition/assumption" of the facts. Her study in medicine helps further enhance her read on how the stars maybe affecting ones health. Talking to her was such an encouraging, enhancing experience for me personally. I felt heard, understood and the reading was more of a chat rather than a talk. She helped see things more clearly and learn more about myself and my relationship to my past, my family, myself and the world. Always extremely glad i did it and grateful to her for sharing her knowledge with me.

- Tanvi, 35, Artist

I strongly endorse Aditi as her readings are very precise, she has the ability to make accurate analysis. I was able to relate to the reading very well as she explains it in an easy manner. Her readings provide a lot of clarity and are trustworthy. Realistic approach and understands the problem well.

- Eeshwari, 20, Student

I recently had the pleasure of consulting with Aditi, an astrologer, and I must say that I was thoroughly impressed by her insights and accuracy. Aditi was very detailed in her reading and provided me with valuable information about my life and personality. One of the things that stood out to me was her prediction that I will seek truth in life. This made me feel pretty good, as it aligned with my personal beliefs and aspirations. Aditi's reading was not only informative but also very empowering, as it helped me gain a deeper understanding of myself and my journey. I highly recommend Aditi to anyone seeking guidance and clarity in their life. Her expertise and compassionate approach make her an exceptional astrologer.

- Abhijeet, 28, Architect

I am a dense believer in Spirituality and an curious apprehender of Astrology. Up until now, I have always explored both areas individually and found them very interesting. But after I met Aditi, and took few consultations from her. I realised Spirituality and Astrology go very much hand in hand. Her perspectives towards both and capability in aligning both for you, to make it work in your chart and favour and give to opportunities of exploration is undeniably very comprehensive and to the point. It takes you to a level, where you really start thinking logically as well as Spiritually for what works for you and what won't. I have been a little rigid and a bit confused with things I need to channelize correctly in order. I did few sessions of her readings and I was speechless about her understanding and knowledge through her powerful instincts and intuitive perceptions. Aditi, is an amazingly beautiful soul and a very genuine guide and I am sure to go back and forth with her time and again whenever I need. She is someone you must consult atleast once and see it for your ownself, the positive changes that will follow.

- Kenaa, 40, Writer and Storyteller

From the moment we first connected, I felt a warmth and openness from Aditi that made me feel immediately at ease. As we began our sessions, it was clear that her deep knowledge and experience in both art and spirituality shone through in everything she did. It was fascinating to learn about her background and how her experience as an artist living in Paris has influenced her practice today. Her mother's deep roots in spirituality also resonated with me, and I could see how her art led her to her own spiritual awakening. It was beautiful to see how her astrology practice grew from her art, and how it became a way for her to teach deeper self-reflection and connection. What I appreciate most about her approach is how she applies her creative process to the readings. Her ability to interpret the cards and the stars is truly unique, and I can feel the love and care she puts into every reading. I also love how science and research heavily influence her practice, while still incorporating the idea of the divine feminine. Her spiritual practices are a beautiful merge of science and spirituality. Since working with her, I have felt more connected to myself and the universe. Her insights and guidance have helped me to better understand my path, and have given me the tools to navigate life with greater ease and clarity. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking for a compassionate, intuitive, and talented tarot card and astrologer. Thank you, Aditi, for sharing your gifts with the world. You truly are a blessing.

- Felicity, 25, UX Designer

As a friend and observer of Aditi’s artistic as well as astrological practice, it has been a privilege to watch her nourish and grow it into what it is today. What has always stood out to me about her approach is that her already expansive knowledge on the subject is in a constant state of evolution. This is precisely what enables a fluid dialogue with her, regardless of what your purpose for the session is. She continues to hone a deep sense of empathy while letting herself be an observant witness to all patterns- personal or astronomical. A conversation with her always comes sprinkled with these beautiful, magical observations, something one can certainly expect out of a session with her.

- Shailee, 26, Artist

Aditi's tarot reading was spot on, regarding my current state of mind and my energy levels as well. It gave me a little push to do what i need to do so I feel safe enough to move forward. I vouch for her skills.

-Ishit, 40, Businessman