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A deeper look into your psyche through the stars above you - I, an interpreter, a communicator between You and the Universe.

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Questions for the Universe

A Tarot Reading


An hour-long session with the Tarot. Ask the universe questions for where you need clarity and perspective.

Looking into the Stars

General Chart Reading


An hour-long session looking into your chart - the planets at your birth and the influences coming your way in the next few months of your life. This session includes a written report along with mentions of important dates.

An Astrological Analysis of You

Complete Natal Chart Analysis


A look at your psychological makeup through your birth chart. Through this three-session module, we delve into what makes you, you. We go through the planets as they were at the time of your birth and how they influence who you are fundamentally, your psyche. We also look into what you can do to make better choices in areas you would like to see growth in. You will receive a written analysis at the end.

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About me


I specialize in psychological astrology.

I began my spiritual journey as an atheist with an academic interest in religion. I was exposed to different kinds of spiritual practice at an early age through my mother and from seeking it out on my own. I chose my tools - astrology and tarot - and began to teach myself and eventually, I found my own faith. After twelve years of practice, reading for myself everybody else that I met, I began to read professionally in 2022. My personal spiritual practice has always been about awareness, introspection and ultimately, growth in yourself. I do not look at astrology as a system of belief, but rather, a tool to help along this journey.

Through these sessions, my goal is to help you understand yourself better and find clarity wherever you need it. I aim to create a space free of judgment where you can be vulnerable with yourself. My sessions are usually conversational and I see my role as a medium to help you communicate with the universe.


To book a reading, get in touch at adt274739274@gmail.com, through Whatsapp on +919284877224, or on Instagram . Alternatively, you can fill in this form.